Interactive Blade Displays

The Blade is a freestanding Interactive TV – it’s called the ‘Blade’ because it’s slimline and it cuts Blade displaysthrough the competition to deliver your message. Why is it unusual, It’s portrait in format (the very opposite of standard screens).

The Blade is available in 40″and 46″ sizes, and a massive 58” model will soon be here. All of these sizes allow you to present your information and reach target customers in a professional efficient way. And the sheer size of the screens ensures that the message can’t be ignored. Whether showing text or images, it’s either Clean Crisp Characters or Vivid Vibrant Visuals.

The Blade displays PHOTOS and VIDEO footage – This digital signage screen is equipped with advanced controls that allows the display of images, video or animation files.

SMART HDMI – The BLADE digital signage screens possess a SMART HDMI function. This software function allows the screen to automatically start displaying images or video as soon as the HDMI signal is detected, and just as simply turns off when the signal is disconnected. Simply plug in the USB stick or hard drive.

This auto start feature is immensely popular; no more fiddling to get things to play. Note – only the BLADE is able to offer this feature for HDMI display.