Introducing the Gizmo Family – Which size Suits you!

Gizmo has added two members to its family Of course, there’s still the Original Gizmo,

AND Now there’s Gizmo Mini and Gizmo Micro

Gizmo Original is a full height display, Mini is shopping centre height (1500mm) and Micro is ideal for a table or counter height display.

Gizmo Mini Banners stand Sydney Micro Banner Stand Melbourne

All consist of a fabric graphic stretched over a lightweight frame and come in a moulded carry bag – and they’re all double sided – you can choose from a flat top, a curved top or an angled top.

Residents of Australia, listen up! All Star Displays, with its offices in the cities of Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, have come up with the revolutionary Gizmo Banner Stand. And now, there are two variants to the stand as well, with the Gizmo Micro and the Gizmo Mini.

The Pros of the Gizmo

  • While the original Gizmo Banner Stand was a full-size display, the Gizmo Micro and Mini variants serve different purposes.
  • The Gizmo Mini is perfect for use in a shopping centre, whereas the Gizmo Micro is best used on a table or a counter.
  • Just like the original Gizmo, which was received very warmly in all of Australia, the micro and mini variants too, are incredibly easy to install, and very lightweight as well.
  • In addition to the revolutionary Gizmo displays, All Star Displays also specializes in providing other display options in the cities of Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney.