INTRODUCING The Gizmo – the different banner stand option

We are pleased to launch a revolutionary new display product – that moves forward from the pull up banner stand.

Let’s face it – everyone has a pull up display and they’re becoming less effective. The market deserves  something exciting and different.

Our design brief was that it still had to have great visual impact, still be lightweight and easy to deploy, but we also wanted a product that was greener, cost effective, freestanding and able to display brochures.

Well, it’s finally here – it’s 3D, it’s eye catching and it meets all of the above criteria.

It’s your ultimate marketing tool, equally at home in Tradeshows, Conferences, Retail stores, Airports, Visitor Information Centres or Vehicle showrooms.

It’s your unmanned outpost, your silent salesman, your 24/7 marketer.

There’s 3 different styles, it’s multi-sided, it can have its own lighting and it can display your brochures and business cards, even your product samples.

With pull up displays becoming more and more ineffective as the days pass, All Star Displays introduces to the residents of Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, the Gizmo Banner Stand. The Gizmo Banner Stand is the first of its kind, and the advantages it provides are immense.

The Gizmo Banner Stand Advantages

  • The Gizmo Banner Stand is not just lightweight, it is also supremely easy to install.
  • The stand is more cost effective than any other option in the market right now, and is also a greener solution.
  • It functions as a 3D Banner, and if you want the most eye-catching visuals, this is definitely the right option for you.
  • The Gizmo Banner Stand, in both its micro and mini formats, has been successfully used at conferences, trade shows, retail outlets and vehicle showrooms in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.

Contact All Star Displays today for the Gizmo Banner Stand if you are interested in purchasing a 3D Banner to market your products in the cities of Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide in Australia. There are micro variants available. Call us on 1300 789 230 or write to us at