Onefabric Displays

The Onefabric display is a versatile and cost effective backdrop for trade shows, media backdrops, seminars and road shows, It’s the tool that your sales team needs ! The One Fabric is super light-weight and easy to transport in an environmentally friendly transit case on wheels.

OneFabric displays have the traditional style of  pop-up frame that magically allows a bundle of linked sticks to become a freestanding wall, and this transformation occurs in just seconds before your very own eyes; But, unlike all the other systems,

One-Fabric displays come complete with the stretch fabric graphic panel already attached to the frame, so the only thing to do is erect the frame and using the attached velcro affix the ends of the graphic around the ends of the frame. The OneFabric display is complete from the case to standing ready to go in less than two minutes so your sales team have more time to do other tasks.

The frames of OneFabric displays can be either curved or straight and have a series of square quadrants. Standard height frames are 3 quadrants high and either 3 or 4 quadrants wide, and shopping centre height frames are only two quadrants high. (Note – straight frames require the additional fitting of feet for stability)

Advantages –

  • Super lightweight compared to any traditional wall display – the 3X3 model is only 18kgs in its case
  • 90 second set up
  • We ensure the graphic is produced from one complete piece of fabric – that’s why we call it the One-Fabric; so there can be no alignment issues, no colour mismatch issues or unsightly joins. The graphic is produced by top quality dye sublimation printing onto a recyclable virtually ‘wrinkle free’ stretch polyester fabric specifically designed for this application
  • Replacement or themed fabric panels are available with different artwork for different target audiences – changing fabric graphics is only a 10-15 minute task 

Options –

  • Halogen spotlight kit – comprises two overhead spotlights with swivel heads and halogen bulbs that affix to the top of the frame.
Dimensions (when erected)
These units are either Curved or Straight and come in
the following sizes
Shopping Centre Height Units
2 x 2 frame – 1524mm wide x 1525mm high
Custom sizes available
Standard Height Units
2 x 3 frame – 1524mm wide x 2260mm high
3 x 2 frame – 2260mm wide x 2260mm high
3 x3 frame – 2260 mm wide x 2260mm high
4 x 3 frame – 2997mm wide x 2260mm high
5 x 3 frame – 3733mm wide x 2260mm high
6 x 3 frame – 4469mm wide x 2260mm high
Weight – Starts at 9.5 KGs