Satellite Exhibition System

Represents the changing TREND in exhibition stands – totallyprofessional, functional, eye-catching and affordable, clients aresurprised they can purchase a purpose built  Satellite exhibitiondisplays for  the cost of hiring  big booth exhibition stands from atraditional custom exhibition company for one trade show only.

Satelliteexhibition stands are modular systems, allowing you to change your lookand your booth to grow as your company expands.

Normally onewould start with a simple 3m x 3m booth and as your organisation (andbudget) increases so can the scale of your stands – to a 6m x 3m, or 9m X3m back-wall stands, or  perhaps to large island stands with separatefreestanding towers and overhead archways. These systems allow younumerous combinations of attention-getting looks and booth sizes andshapes.
The Display Hardware – 
SatelliteModular displays  are composed of an aluminium extrusion skeleton withinterchangeable fabric graphic panels and necessary accessories such asmonitor brackets, shelves,brochure-holders etc.

Satellitedisplays  are composed of durable yet lightweight anodized aluminiumextrusions uniquely designed to carry fabric graphics and accessories,but the secret is an exclusive  locking device which readily locks themtogether in differing configurations.
Setup and Dismantle –

Aluminium uprights are connected to horizontal braces and then the unique fabric graphic is placed between displaying your marketing message. Shelves, brochure-holders, LCD screens, spot lights are the functional components, and also enhance the look of your stands. Canopy signage attracts viewers to your booth location from the distance.

All components are reusable meaning that costs can be amortised over an entire trade show programme and the graphics are readily replaceable.

This means new graphics can be printed for a different theme, or target audience, or introducing new products or services.

Protected whilst in Transit –

There are two sizes of freight friendly exhibition cases, and these are segmented – i.e. packed in layers for the protection of the individual components; within each layer there is special foam cushioning with shapes cut out for the specific components to obviate damage, and this permits easy packing up of the booth at the end of the trade show, and ensures the exhibit looks just as good as at the first trade show.

All Star Displays will be pleased to manage storing the displays, organising freight to/from the trade shows and the setup/dismantle task; or you (and your staff) can build the booth yourself, if you want to reduce costs

The Graphics –

Satellite displays use fabric tension technology. Eco-friendly fabric graphics are produced on a durable woven polyester stretch fabric using the long lasting dye sublimation printing process, and giving vivid opaque colours.

Graphics install quickly using a silicon hold-fast strip around their perimeter, which ensures they are taut and wrinkle free. Mounted header and wing graphics are digitally printed onto quality acrylic substrates.

The Benefits –

If you’re looking for an interactive 3m booth right through to ever-changing, visually astounding, and large exhibition stands, the choice of Satellite for your stands provides you with one of the most versatile and elaborate displays systems currently in the market.