About Us


All Star DisplaysWe are committed to providing prompt personal service to our clients, delivering quality products at affordable prices, on time and on budget.?

At All Star Displays we recognize that key communication tools are vital for your representatives, to enable them to present a positive professional image of your organization, its services and products; whether the environment is a media launch, seminar, conference, tradeshow or retail Point Of Purchase.

It was in the early 1900s that the phrase ?a picture tells a thousand words? was first used in advertising, and that is clearly true today; though we have all become somewhat inured to the volume of unwanted information bombarding us every day. We pride ourselves in helping our clients produce compelling graphic displays that cut through the visual clutter that competes for mindshare – and allow our clients to convey their message clearly to their target audience.

Our clients are diverse – academic & cultural institutions, industry bodies, state and federal government, large corporations through to small businesses, as well as sporting and other associations. We’ve been in the display business since the time portable graphic displays were printed photographically (long before digital printers) and, we’ve never missed a client deadline.

Contact us today – We will be pleased to assist you with your next display project.