Display Systems For Indoor Conferences And Trade Shows

One-Fabric displays

The one fabric pop up displays is one of the easiest and the quickest way to create a large backdrop for the retail markets, shopping centres or for any exhibition displays. These are very lightweight systems that have a high quality printed fabric graphics which are Velcroed to the frame making it stay for a longer time period even when they are packed away. These one fabric pop up displays are generally a single but a continuous panel printed over a durable and a wrinkle-resistant polyester background. They are very easy to carry and are the ideal choice for the trade show displays.

A Special Feature Of Straight And Curved Displays

One Fabric Pop Up Display

This display system offers the individuals with the dye-sublimation fabric graphics. The special features of Velcro attachment features make the fabric automatically stretch over the frame in order to display a perfect taut image without any wrinkles. The colours and the graphics used in the one fabric pop up display system are very durable-natured which guarantees an impeccable finish time even after several uses. They are very light, slim and quicker to set up than the traditional pop-up displays which need the help of a second person during the setup. This one fabric pop up displays also gives the advantage of reducing and controlling the exhibit costs.

Advantages Of One Fabric Pop Up Display System

The one fabric pop up display system is coming very fast as a vital element in the event planning. They are relatively very easy to use and set up and they come along with a wide variety of styles and sizes.

The display system has become so popular because of its sheer impact. They are very much more attractive than the vinyl making it very eye catchy as the graphic designs and the logos shine. Further, the one fabric pop up displays has a special feature of showcasing an imaginary vision that does not look good on the vinyl texture.

They literally pop up as they are made from a light weighted suspension frame and the pre-made fabric which is printed. The transportation of the pop-up display becomes easy as they fold down easily and do not weigh much. The setting of the system is also easy as the frame expands while attaching itself to the frame.

They are best for the indoor events as they can be set up with the backlight which changes the appearance of the visuals by adding dramatic effects to engross the crowd.

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