Single Sided or Double Sided Pop Up Wall Displays

Single-sided or Double-sided
The traditional pop up display has a geodesic pop up aluminium tube frame to which magnetic channel bars connect; these channel bars both hold the frame rigid and allow the graphics to attach to the pop up frame.

The frames can be either curved or straight and have a series of square quadrants. Standard Height frames are 3 quadrants high and either 3 or 4 quadrants wide – Shopping Centre Height frames are only 2 quadrants high and either 3 or 4 quadrants wide.

Once the frame is erected, the channel bars snap into the position on the frame hubs. These channel bars both hold the frame rigid and allow the graphics to attach to the pop up frame. Special magnetic tape (on the face of the channel bars and the back edges of the graphic panels) serve both aligns and affixes the graphic panels to the frame. Round end panels magnetically adhere to the front and back edges at each end of the display carrying the theme around the corner and this conceals the ends of the frame.

These Pop Up displays come with quality High Resolution graphic panels printed from tiled digital artwork onto polyester print media and face protected with a textured matt laminate. This method of production ensures a durable non-tear wipe-able finish with vibrant colours that won’t fade.

The textured matt laminate means the halogen spotlights don’t cause glare or reflection; the lighting kit is recommended to ensure your graphics are vibrant, rather than relying on the lighting at your venue. Graphics panels can be affixed to either the concave side, or the convex side of the pop up displays (singlesided) or to both faces (doublesided).Set-up time( from opening the case to completion) takes 10 – 15 minutes

All the components travel in comfort –

The heavy duty moulded plastic transit case with built-in wheels houses all the components; the aluminium pop-up frame, the magnetic channel bars, the graphic face panels and the round graphic end panels. The underside of the case lid has its own segmented compartment in which the lights travel, fully cushioned and protected..


  • Halogen spotlight kit – comprises two overhead spotlights with swivel heads and halogen bulbs that affix to the top of the frame.
  • 90 second set upCase table conversion – comprises a printed graphic skirt that transforms your transit case from an item that needs to be hidden out the back to a very useful weight-bearing counter for a laptop or plasma screen.
  • Double-sided Graphics – graphics panels can be supplied for the reverse (convex) side of the display.
Dimensions (NB there are two sizes of each type)
These units are Curved
Shopping Centre Height Units
1495mm high X 2550mm wide (2 x 3)
1495mm high X 3185mm wide (2 x 3)
Standard Height – two sizes
2220mm high X 2550mm wide (3 x 3)
2220mm high X 3185mm wide (3 X 4)