Pull Up and Roll Up Displays

Retractable Pull Up Banner Displays Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide

Pull up Banners are also known as a retractable or roll up banner stand. They are considered as the most popular type of displays because they’re both inexpensive and lightweight at the same time. This makes it easy to set up and dismantle without much effort.

As compared to the curved wall display options that existed when the retractable banner stand was first devised Pull up display banners were much light weight and portable at the same time. The typical curved wall display weighed around 28kgs which was much bulkier with separate graphic panels and took approximately 30-45 minutes to install.

Setup is very easy – you simply have to take the stand out of the bag, locate and assemble the aluminum pole (it has three parts, but they are shock-corded together), turn the feet around as per need (required for stability) and then erect the pole upright in the hole at base.

Retractable Roll Up and Pull up Banners

Inside the base of the pole, there is a spring-loaded roller mechanism. This is where the graphic banner is attached. Grab the top rail of the banner and pull it out from the base until you can hook the rail over the top of the pole.

You can make this look much easier, no matter whatever may be your height, if you lean it over on an angle towards you that so you’re not struggling by reaching up on its top-end.
That’s it – your pull up banner stand is ready, and it’s just taken 30 seconds.

High Quality Retractable Roll Up Displays

Dismantling is quick too. You just have to lean it over, unhook the banner top and slowly let the spring pull the banner back into the base. Remember, don’t let go of the top until the graphic has retracted fully inside the base. Fold the pole, then put the base in the bag, zips it and you’re done.

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