Advertising Ideas to stand out During a Trade show

Exhibiting business ideas at trade shows are always exciting opportunities for companies. They can interact with the customers directly and even also get associated with new partners and clients attending the shows. To make your tradeshow turn into a hit, you require implementing some of the most captivating advertising ideas so that people get attracted towards your booth. You can only expect great returns out of your investment in the tradeshow when you can interact with maximum visitors at the event.

Offer Lovely Giveaways To The Attendees:

Everyone loves to receive freebies when they attend any event. Not all companies can arrange such giveaways. However, if you are aiming to overdo the others at the show, then some amount of extra investment is always worthy. Little gestures in the forms of goody bags, sweets, etc. appeal to the people a lot. The visitors automatically get attracted towards those booths at the exhibitions which arrange such freebies. Nothing can be more promotional for a company than this idea.

Think About Some Exclusive Event-Specific Promotion:

Anything that it is exclusive always helps an exhibition booth to stand out from the rest. So, you can announce some special discount coupons for the trade show that help people in availing of your products at attractive prices. Offers like free consultancy with your experts or pay for one and get the other free are also interesting promotional deals that you can implement in your advertising campaign at the show.

Launching A New Product That Was Much Awaited By All:
Tradeshows are the perfect platforms that companies can choose to launch their new products or re-brand old products. When you announce such new launches in big gatherings, you automatically grab the attention of the visitors, press and other peers attending the event. Convey some unique features of your products to the visitors so that they find it even more interesting.

Setup Competitions, Gaming Sessions Or Tournaments:
This is another advertising tactic that you can apply to grab the attention of the mass towards your booth. Fun tournaments or game sessions held at your booth allow numerous people to participate in the events. You get a chance to interact with various visitors and thus can build up prospective customers for your business. Arrange some attractive gifts to give away to the winners of the games. This helps you in winning over their hearts in a much easier manner.

Never Setup Your Booths In A Generic Manner:
In most tradeshows, you can locate booths set up using white or black drapes and pipes. This setup makes your display look boring and unattractive. So, never opt for this easy setup option. Rather, spice up your display using product designs, colourful banners, signage, etc. A well-designed booth never fails to advertise your brand in the loudest manner.
Consult with experts as to what kind of trade show displays you must be using to stand out in exhibitions.

Organise For A Guest Appearance At Your Booth:
Inviting a popular face at your booth helps you in promoting the brand in a magical way. Visitors get automatically encouraged to visit your booth when they see some interesting personality promoting the products on behalf of your company. So, start planning for this early so that the guest’s appearance can prove to be successful for your show.

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